Energy Therapy & Trauma Resolution

Through one-to-one sessions using hands-on healing and somatic experiencin techniques, I can help anyone who is:


  • Searching for a new direction in life
  • Needing to resolve difficult relationships
  • Seeking relief from emotional distress, stress or anxiety
  • Facing a crossroads due to major life changes
  • Trying to let go of past and negative events that have shaped their life
  • Looking for complementary therapies to supplement conventional treatment 
  • Seeking relief from specific conditions such as depression, asthma or insomnia



My practice in London provides a relaxed and welcoming environment for one-to-one sessions.


During the sessions, I combine hands-on healing with spiritual and psychological techniques to help remove physical or emotional pain and restore your natural energy and balance.


Situated in Putney, SW15, the practice is easily accessible and alongside mid-week sessions, Saturday and evening appointments are also available.


For some people, just one session is enough to achieve health and wellbeing whilst for others; a series of sessions may be more beneficial. Either way, I will agree a tailored approach with you, focussed on your own unique needs.


Each session lasts 60 minutes, priced at £80 and there is no minimum number of sessions.


To find out more, or to make an appointment, call or email me directly.


If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, you can call me directly on: 


07748 038 428  


Or you can use this contact form to email me.


Karina Becker Karina Becker